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PlusFunds Group Inc. is a hedge fund sponsor that is employee owned and highly respected. It is the aim of the firm is to improve upon the standards of transparency and independent oversight in the industry of hedge funds. As a financial services firm, PlusFunds Group Inc. works with pooled investment vehicles, individual investors, and public or corporate institutions.

Fixed income, merger arbitrage, and long and short equity are the methods by which the firm invests in public equity or fixed income markets worldwide. Distressed debt and futures are the main avenues through which PlusFunds Group Inc. makes their investments. Institution Investor puts out a Top 50 ranking each year for Multi-Manager Hedge Fund Firms, and that list included PlusFunds Group Inc. The year-over-year gain in assets of 406% had something to do with that.

PlusFunds Group Inc. is an assortment of financial services firms working towards the same end. Their unified goal is to increase transparency and general access to information within the hedge fund industry. Chairman Christopher Sugrue presides over a company founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York City. Providing investment advice and options is a central part of the firms mission. This is a highly respectable goal, and one that PlusFunds Group Inc. has pursued relentlessly.

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